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Heading Home
Highway 50 near Ely Nevada, on the last leg of a 4000 mile run to Yellowstone & Colorado.

Redding Big Bike Run
Nothing beats a day run up into the Lake Shasta area for fresh air & sunshine, although it got a little cold at 7500 ft.

What's New?
Well, we are well into the riding season up here and I have my latest run of the year under my belt. That would be the SLO or “Run up the One”. And it lived up to its name once again. This year we had the best weather possible and the Coast was as great as ever. . The next run on the agenda is the Two Pass run. Hope the weather will cooperate for the trip over the passes, this will be a fast one day down and the next back kind of thing... Jes

is a 2004 Honda VTX 1300 Retro. It has Tsukayu Hard Bags and Batwing Fairing, Kury Light bar, OEM Luggage Rack & Sissy Bar. Roadhouse Classic Two into One Pipes, a Hyper Charger Pro, Ultimate four piece Seat, and lots of Chrome goodies. For the long haul I added the Garmin Zumo 665 XM Sat Radio and GPS, tied into a Sena Bluetooth system that combines a bike to bike  intercom, helmet phone, and music as well as the GPS input. The Tsukayu hard bags & Fairing both have custom paint and graphics by Horst. The Bike currently has over 100,000 miles on it and runs & looks better than it did when new. (or so I like to believe)

Up coming Rides for me in 2012
Well, a few of the first runs are over and so far all have gone great. Lots of miles, bike is running as only a Honda can, mile after mile with not a worry. Yosemite was cool, in both respects, (we had snow) but a great run as always. Wounded Warrior is a must as it is for a great cause, and the membership came thru as always. Larry’s Bash at the beach was the best so far this year for biggest turnout, best weather, and great twisties, not to mention the fantastic after ride BBQ ever. Next is the 2 pass run and then down to Orange County for the 10th CalXrider anniversary run and party. That should be one to remember for sure.    ..........JES

I was out riding one day as the weather was good, and by accident got one of the best complements a 'X' rider can get. A Harley rider and his Wife/Girlfriend pulled up on matching HD's and the girl looks over and asks me "What kind of bike is that?" I say "A VTX", and she says "I really like that, smooth lines and a good sound, who makes it"...Here it comes...I say "It's a Honda", and her reply "I still like it"..... JES

Old Biker Musings
Want to know what goes on in the mind of an un-reconstituted baby boomer.... Then check out Richnerd's Blog

This site is for the soul purpose of letting me express my involvement in and dedication to my riding lifestyle. This is where I get to dump all of the useless information that is rattling around in my head. I also post all of the photo's I take as well as some Video's. So enjoy.... Jes

You can also visit my other website, dedicated to Chyerl  and my RV’ing Lifestyle @‘Camp Wahoo

Kings Canyon Calif.

Completed Runs this year.

Tombstone, AZ - 1921 Miles R/T
Yosemite, CA    - 250 Miles
Wounded Warrior - 1150 Miles
Kings Canyon   - 650 Miles
Sparkplug’s & After - 2475 Miles
SLO (Run up the 1) - 1078 Miles
Michigan & Canada - 7200 Miles 
Sac Toy Run - 

TOTAL SO FAR - 14,724 Miles

Check out my Home Solar Energy System’s production numbers and past performance. It is a 4.5 KW system . I love to watch my meter spin backwards. Click the photo.